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Rainforest countries from across three continents agreed at the Three Basins Summit in Brazzaville to work together to finance and protect their ecosystems – but failed to firm up a unified alliance.
UN sec gen Antonio Guterres in Geneva
United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said those who are staying the course on implementing the Paris Agreement will lead in the 21st century economy.
Security forces on horseback at COP22
Paris pledges were tested, green finance gained ground, climate reporting caught on, aviation went green (sort of), and Bill Gates launched a most excellent energy venture. Here are the policy and finance stories that made the headlines in 2016.
leaders in COP22
Despite progress made on several fronts at the Marrakesh climate summit in Morocco, there was a deadlock over finances to be made available by rich nations for climate action.
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WCCB in Bonn, Germany
Two years after the Paris Agreement was signed, countries will come together at COP 23 to monitor progress in confronting climate change. WRI researchers highlight four things to look out for during proceedings next week.
Look ma, no ice
Political developments in Washington, Beijing and Brussels are of key importance, while renewables march on, says E3G's Liz Gallagher.
Simpa Networks in India and their off-grid solar solutions
The world cannot solely rely on the efforts of governments to fight climate change. Daniel Hersson debunks 4 myths surrounding the state of play and what it will take to move climate action forward in a post-Paris world.
Friends of the Earth International and allies protesting at COP 22 in Marrakesh
Delegates were united in their defiance against the US President-elect at COP 22, but failed to come up with policies to further the fight against climate change, says Australian National University's Luke Kemp.
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