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As negotiators arrive in Dubai, doubts persist about the decision to hold UN climate talks in a major oil-producing nation.
Agreements on finance will be key to the Egyptian presidency’s call to bring countries “together for implementation” at the latest UN climate negotiations.
In November, the world’s governments will convene in Panama for a major meeting on wildlife trade—our explainer unpacks the big points for South Asia ahead of CITES COP19.
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A majority of major economies have made significant progress in addressing climate change, with countries like South Korea …
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Community based adaptation in Bangladesh
The world is now looking at Bangladesh as a pioneer in tackling climate change and we can indeed …
The climate change negotiations in Doha, Qatar last December produced little progress, but the sobering conclusion of the …
The recent climate change negotiations in Doha, Qatar remained deadlocked, ending with incremental progress on key issues including …

Carbon & Climate

A Tale of Two Treaties

The Doha meeting continued 20 years of failed climate negotiations, since the original Earth Summit in Rio in …
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