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A majority of major economies have made significant progress in addressing climate change, with countries like South Korea …
COP18 in Doha, Qatar
Delaying global action on climate change by 20 more years will put the goal of keeping the world …
Doha climate talks
Doha, Qatar - The two-week climate change conference concluded on Saturday night, with negotiators agreeing to a second …
Qatar Climate Change Research Institute
Doha, Qatar - Oil and gas-rich Qatar is setting up its first Climate Change Research Institute in partnership …
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Community based adaptation in Bangladesh
The world is now looking at Bangladesh as a pioneer in tackling climate change and we can indeed …
The climate change negotiations in Doha, Qatar last December produced little progress, but the sobering conclusion of the …
The recent climate change negotiations in Doha, Qatar remained deadlocked, ending with incremental progress on key issues including …

Carbon & Climate

A Tale of Two Treaties

The Doha meeting continued 20 years of failed climate negotiations, since the original Earth Summit in Rio in …
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