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An outdoor billboard promoting Maybank
There is too much "fluff and waffle" in sustainability reports, said experts at the launch of new guidelines to help brands avoid greenwashing. "Corporate vulnerability", however, is an untested strategy that will require bravery.
Thomas Milburn, DBS
Milburn joins DBS as senior vice president, chief sustainability office, as Southeast Asia’s largest finance group builds out its sustainability function.
qld braving storm
Demand for climate risk digital solutions is expected to quadruple in five years as extreme weather intensifies and regulatory pressure on businesses grows. The strongest growth is projected in climate-vulnerable Asia Pacific.
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Management consulting has finally found its climate mojo. Image: Markus Spiske via Unsplash
As the climate crisis unfolds, the big consultancy firms are attempting to offer advice to government and the major polluters.
A chief sustainability model
When is the right time to hire a CSO? Do they need to be a permanent appointment? The level of environment and social risk a company faces determines the sort of CSO it needs.
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BCG video Eco-Business
EB Studio Asia's green transition pathways need to be socially inclusive given huge differences in economic development across the region, says experts at the Boston Consulting Group. State-owned enterprises have an "outsized" role to play, they add.
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Cantilan Bank aftermath of Rai_EB podcast logo
The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas assistant governor tells the Eco-Business Podcast about the regulator’s maiden sustainability report that features an empirical study of climate impacts on banks as well as the nation’s first taxonomy.
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