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A fishing village in Sabah
The attorney general of the Malaysian state of Sabah has said that a contentious deal for the right to sell credits for carbon and other natural capital will not come into force unless certain provisions are met.
address risky human activities now
Experts say that a 'One Health' approach is urgently needed to prevent future pandemics — simultaneously addressing human, animal and ecosystem health, protecting humanity and nature, and incorporating disease risk into decision-making.
Golden bitcoin with Chinese yuan banknotes
As climate activists celebrate China's latest restrictions on the energy-guzzling cryptocurrency industry, crypto experts warn the move could boost—not cut—emissions.
bitcoin el salvador
Many are growing more critical of bitcoin mining — a process that uses vast amounts of energy from fossil fuels. So just how dirty is the virtual currency, and can it clean up its act?
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bitcoin image
With the growing urgency for climate solutions, blockchain technology could be a powerful tool to revolutionise green finance, especially as transparency and traceable information are critical in measuring and monitoring climate impact.
haze riau indonesia
To combat the fires in Indonesia and worsening haze, a Singaporean-based blockchain development company has launched the Global Ledger initiative to develop a coordinated regional and global response to such catastrophes.
baker gives boy bread in Yemen
In an age of receding multilateralism, the private sector and tech community must help ensure the 2030 Development Agenda stays on track, says the World Food Programme's Enrica Porcari.
Amazon Rainforest in Peru
Funders’ perceptions that there is too much risk in investing at the local level prevents climate finance from making a real difference. Sam Greene discusses whether new technologies can benefit local communities while delivering the confidence donors and investors need to put their money where it matters.
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