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Taxes are not paid on some 9 million hectares (22.2 million acres), an area three times the size of Belgium, an Indonesian government audit finds.
As climate change and global disruptions worsen hunger, a revamp of food systems is urgently needed, analysts say.
Indonesia has legalised oil palm plantations one and a half times the size of London that were operating illegally in forest areas.
Indonesia’s top 50 palm oil companies have weak antigraft measures, rendering the industry highly prone to corruption, according to a new report by Transparency International Indonesia.
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There are 21.5 billion interconnected devices worldwide, yet 1.4 billion adults still have no access to banking. This presents an opportunity for leapfrogging straight to digital identification and the IoT for processing transactions.
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Last year’s farmer protests in New Zealand, for example, showed how abruptly climate policies can be disrupted when workers and communities feel left out. Policymakers and corporate leaders need to get in front of the issue now.
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The region has a specialty coffee industry that is booming. But profits from the highly-priced coffee drinks do not translate to increased incomes for growers. Government subsidies and better consumer awareness can help.
Supporting start-ups can accelerate innovation and bring solutions to market faster, before our planet reaches its best before date.

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