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As India plans a diverse energy landscape with capacities from hydro, nuclear, solar, wind, and bioenergy, there are concens over large-scale renewable energy projects using agricultural and ecologically sensitive land, posing environmental and socio-ecological risks.
As demand grows for extracts like agar, India wants to boost farming of seaweed - hailed as an untapped, climate-friendly resource.
How will companies navigate the market, and what does it mean for the global fight against climate change?
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Achieving zero hunger, one of the Sustainable Development Goals, requires meeting another SDG: ensuring access to modern energy. In particular, the future of agriculture in the Global South depends on distributed renewable-energy solutions to address the challenges faced by smallholder farmers.
Industrial agriculture

Food & Agriculture

The hunger profiteers

It is hard to predict when exactly food prices will spike again, but there is little doubt that more shocks will come. The consequences are likely to be compounded if a few companies still hold inordinate power over the world’s food systems.
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There are 21.5 billion interconnected devices worldwide, yet 1.4 billion adults still have no access to banking. This presents an opportunity for leapfrogging straight to digital identification and the IoT for processing transactions.
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Last year’s farmer protests in New Zealand, for example, showed how abruptly climate policies can be disrupted when workers and communities feel left out. Policymakers and corporate leaders need to get in front of the issue now.

Food & Agriculture

Fixing the food trade

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