Water Risk Filter

Water Risk Filter

Water is becoming a hot topic for business, yet most companies don’t know where to start in understanding and responding to water issues. This tool is designed to help companies and investors to ask the right questions about water - to assess risks and give guidance on what to do in response. The Water Risk Filter is designed to be easy to use, yet highly robust in the results that are generated. We want to enable users to plan and create strategies for their own company, suppliers or investments to drive down risk and become proactive in responding to water issues they face - and by doing so, become better water stewards.

For WWF and DEG, estimating the perfect risk score is not the end goal. The scores are instead the best and most accurate reflection of the multiple issues that companies face around water and should guide a company into a position of proactive engagement on water. We believe that by generating interest and guidance on water actions, we can improve how water is managed, measured and improved for society, the economy and the environment.

Find out more at WWF’s Water Risk Filter page.

For more information contact Gretchen Lyons tel: +41 22 364 9043/+41 79 916 0136, email: glyons@wwfint.org or Natalie Boudou nboudou@wwfint.org tel: +41 22 364 9554/+41 79 820 2898

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