The Future of Reporting: From routine to strategic

The Future of Reporting: From routine to strategic

Sustainability reporting practitioners often find the process challenging, fraught with a minefield of standards, audiences, formats, and stakeholder expectations. The future of sustainability reporting continues to be an ongoing debate, fuelled by increasingly demanding and diverse audiences and competing business priorities. Is sustainability reporting really worth the effort?

We certainly think it is.

The latest paper from Corporate Citizenship will show you how to take sustainability reporting processes from routine to strategic, as we explore why and how some companies are moving away from the status quo of tried-and-tested, technical reports to using reporting as a strategic means of connecting with audiences.

Key trends and changes in the reporting landscape are explored in the paper, and a practitioner focused ‘Routine to Strategic Reporting Map’, which identifies 5 key steps to taking report practices from routine to strategic, is presented.

The full paper can be downloaded from the Corporate Citizenship website.

You may also be interested in Corporate Citizenship’s forthcoming reporting webinar, find out more and register here.

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