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Energy Transition Outlook 2021
DNV's annual Energy Transition Outlook presents the results from our independent model of the world's energy system. It covers the period through to 2050 and forecasts the energy mix, supply …
Energy storage systems in the APAC region
The Asia Pacific region is in the early stages of a transformational energy transition that requires progressive, widespread switching from fossil fuels to variable renewable energy sources such as wind …
The carbon reduction opportunity of moving to the cloud for APAC
A move to the cloud should be a part of any organization's sustainability strategy as a major source of energy use and carbon emissions for enterprises and public sector organizations …
Time out: Coal Capex in China
In 2016, seven leading Chinese power companies planned to spend an estimated CNY 238 billion on 89 coal power plants to drive China's economy forward. Will these plants be able …
Tracking the Transition
The energy sector is the world's largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, powering all of mankind's activity. In China, the six largest listed coal-fired power account for one fifth of …
The business case for natural climate solutions: Insights and opportunities for Southeast Asia
Nature already mitigates a significant portion of man-made GHG emissions; approximately a quarter of these emissions are absorbed by trees, plants, and soil, while another quarter is absorbed into marine …
The future of data centres in the face of climate change
How can we decarbonise even while building better cloud solutions? This white paper explores the viable solutions available to help data centre operators fight the rising tide of environmental challenges.
The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2019
Measuring Sustainable Competitiveness: The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index (GSCI) is based on quantitative indicators grouped in 5 pillars that define the competitiveness of a nation: natural capital, resource intensity, social …
Power Trip: Southeast Asia's journey to a low carbon economy
A new ground-breaking study launched by Eco-Business puts a spotlight on Southeast Asia's transition to the low carbon economy and identifies the top challenges for the region as insufficient regulation …
Electric Vehicles in Indonesia: The Road Towards Sustainable Transportation
In the past few years, Indonesia has heavily relied on fossil fuel as the main energy source in all economic sectors, ranging from transportation, power plant, to household.
Freezing in the tropics - Asean's air-con conundrum
Southeast Asia is facing a growing cooling crisis, but its people remain unaware of the threat that inefficient cooling technologies can pose to national development and the environment, finds a …
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