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Nature-based solutions in carbon offsetting
After a decade-long slumber, carbon offsetting is once again entering the mainstream. Driven by net-zero pledges from corporates, government commitments, and consumer demand, green projects that remove or avoid the …
Power Trip: Southeast Asia's journey to a low carbon economy
A new ground-breaking study launched by Eco-Business puts a spotlight on Southeast Asia's transition to the low carbon economy and identifies the top challenges for the region as insufficient regulation …
Autodesk C-FACT methodology arms cities to tackle climate change
Free, openly available tool from Autodesk enables cities to set science-based climate targets. By Emma Stewart, Ph.D., Head of Sustainability Solutions, Autodesk and Daniel Aronson, formerly Research Lead Director, Sustainability …
Your electric vehicle emits 75 gCO2/km... at the power station
We all know that an electric vehicle has zero tailpipe emissions and the popular counter argument is usually "what about the emissions at the power station"? This Ecometrica paper answers …
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