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Regulating Air Emissions from Ships - The State of the Art on Methodologies, Technologies and Policy Options

This report provides the first comprehensive overview of methodologies for estimating air emissions from shipping, describes technological solutions and proposes policy options for reducing carbon emissions and air pollution in this sector. Maritime transport causes about 4% of global man-made CO2 emissions, which makes its carbon footprint approximately as high as Germany’s.

JRC Reference Reports represent a JRC-wide view on a subject for which the JRC is noted as expert. They provide a reference for political decision-makers, the research community, stakeholders and an informed but non-specialist audience. JRC Reference Reports are authoritative documents that establish the current state of knowledge in specific areas of scientific investigations or in policy assessments. These areas are directly linked to S&T needs related to current or emerging issues focusing policy making.

Published: November 2010

Download the pdf (7.03 Mb)

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