Less Energy – More Growth

The new report “Less Energy- More Growth” describes the growth potential that comes from demanding more from less; why companies should form clusters, share knowledge and create a complete and exportable package of solutions; why energy efficiency is the shortest – and cheapest – way to cut emissions and reduce the demand for fossil fuels, and still holds a lot of potential in Denmark; why the future winners in the global business community will be those who adapt to a new energy-efficient reality; and what drive investments in energy efficiency. The study was published by Monday Morning in collaboration with Lean Energy Cluster.

Energy savings – the cheap shortcut to a fossil free society

Energy savings are crucial if we are to reduce our use of fossil fuels. The potential for energy savings is especially high in the public sector and buildings and represents an export market for energy efficiency technologies. Studies show that investments in energy savings are much more cost efficient than other energy investments.

Drivers of energy efficiency in buildings

A recent global survey from the Institute for Building Efficiency identified the top three global drivers for energy effiency to be: cost savings, incentives and public image. The drivers are said to be the forces that will unleash the trillion dollar potential of energy effciency.

Danish technology makes your operations “Lean”

Productivity is essential to compete in global markets. Energy crises, skyrocketing taxes and record-high wages have turned Danes into productivity experts. In Southern Denmark, these competencies become solutions that make operations lean, speed up processes and save companies money.

The report will also give you knowledge of energy solutions that are ready and available today. Solutions that saves energy and grows the economy

The report can be downloaded for free here

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