Hydrogen Forecast to 2050

Hydrogen Forecast to 2050

DNV’s first dedicated hydrogen forecast to 2050 provides new and expanded hydrogen findings from our Energy Transition Outlook model – exploring the outlook globally, regionally, and by sector. We combine this with the knowledge we have gained in our projects, research and development.

We find that hydrogen is essential to a clean energy future, but many questions remain around hydrogen’s large-scale use as an energy carrier.


  • When, where and by how much will hydrogen scale?
  • In which sectors will hydrogen and derivatives be used? And where will they not be used?
  • How will hydrogen be transported and traded?
  • What will be spent on hydrogen through to 2050?


  • Which policies and strategies can best accelerate the scaling of hydrogen?
  • What can be done to reduce risk and increase the attractiveness of hydrogen investments?
  • How can hydrogen safety and perception challenges be overcome?
  • Which hydrogen value chains will be successful, which won’t? What are the pioneering examples?

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