How to achieve 100 per cent renewable energy

How to achieve 100 per cent renewable energy

Key findings of this study revealed that 100 per cent renewable energy:

  • will generate significant cost savings
  • is possible for all countries
  • will mitigate risks and make countries more resilient
  • will generate new economic activity, create jobs, and improve quality of life
  • will require a significant expansion of Renewable Energy in the heating/cooling and transport sectors

These are the key findings of a case study analysis done by the Canadian renewable energy expert Toby Couture for the World Future Council. What was once seen as unachievable has now become a leading topic of technical research and applied science.

As the new WFC policy handbook demonstrates, 100% renewable energy is becoming a top priority for many governments. Regions, islands, communities and nations across the globe are already proving that it is possible to commit and successfully transition to 100% renewable energy.

As pioneers, these jurisdictions/places are incubators of best practices and policies. They therefore provide the starting point for the handbook’s policy recommendations that finally enable other policy makers to replicate the benefits of this development. The handbook analyzes the eight case studies from across the world.

Click here for a review of the publication by Craig Morris.

Click here to read an interview with the author Toby Couture, founder and director of E3 Analytics.

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