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Greenwashing understanding among Indian consumers and its impact on their green consumption

Greenwashing understanding among Indian consumers and its impact on their green consumption

The consumer markets for green personal care products have been expanding rapidly in the past decade and so are the greenwashing practices of the companies. More and more companies are engaging in greenwashing, misleading consumers about their environmental performance or the environmental benefits of a product or service.

As the discussion around greenwashing practices has grown in the past few years, consumers have become conscious of their choices and have started understanding the greenwashing practices of companies.

The purpose of this empirical study is to assess the greenwashing understanding in Indian consumers’ green purchase behaviour and the effects of receptivity to green advertising, environmental consciousness and personal norm, using structural equation modelling.

The findings confirm that the level of greenwashing understanding moderates the relationship between receptivity to green advertising and green purchase behaviour.

Additionally, the findings provide that income level has a significant impact on environmental consciousness and green purchase behaviour relationship. The study has possible implications for advertisers, government and other agencies.



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