Farm to Factory: Technology in Reducing Water Risk in the Food and Beverage Industry

As the food industry focuses on water savings for sustained growth, Lux Research rates 39 companies with technologies that can help.

With world food prices soaring 70 per cent in just ten years, the $4 trillion food and beverage industry, from farm to market shelf, faces enormous pressure to grow capacity for a hungry world in the face of enormous water and environmental risk. With manufacturers hitting practical limits in their water efficiency, the industry is looking farther upstream to control its massive water risk, according to a report by Lux Research.

Lux Research ranked 39 technology developers with the potential to transform the space on the Lux Innovation Grid based on their Technical Value and Business Execution – companies that are strong on both axes reach the “Dominant” quadrant – and also assessed each company’s maturity, and provided an overall Lux Take. Among their findings:

  • Dynamax and Zim corner a profitable niche in direct plant monitoring. Dynamax falls into the “Dominant” quadrant with a product that monitors sap flow in the living plant, along with European startup Zim. Direct monitoring allows seed developers to better understand performance of their new breeds, and helps growers in high-end agriculture, most notably wine grapes and tree fruits which represent enormous long-term investment and benefit from carefully measured water stress.
  • AquaSpy and Capilix monitor field conditions. Aquaspy uses wireless moisture sensor probes to improve algorithms for watering. Capilix monitors water quality in recirculating greenhouse water. Both companies are well positioned for accelerating changes in the agriculture industry.
  • Bilexys and Emefcy are potential future leaders. Taking advantage of rich, predictable waste streams from food and beverage manufacturers to drive experimental microbial fuel cells, Bilexys and Emefcy are “High Potential” firms that may yet deliver on the promise of extracting valuable energy and chemicals directly from industrial wastewater.

The report, titled “Farm to Factory: Technology in Reducing Water Risk in the Food and Beverage Industry,” is part of the Lux Research Water Intelligence service.

About Lux Research

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