Demonstration of the eco-town framework in San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines

Demonstration of the eco-town framework in San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines

The Philippines’’ promising economic outlook is being threatened by the adverse impacts of climate change. Being one of the most susceptible countries to changes in climatic conditions and natural disasters due to its geographical characteristics, the country needs a more proactive approach to adapt accordingly.

The challenge lies in understanding the dynamics between the changing climate and the economic, environmental, and social dimensions of development.

Through the ““Eco-town”” framework, climate change response and green growth are synergized based on a systematic analysis of physical and economic resources, sectoral vulnerabilities, and adaptation measures.

Eco-town, in the Philippine context, stands for ““ecologically stable”” and ““economically resilient”” local communities. It is a local planning unit (e.g., municipality) located within and around boundaries of critical key biodiversity areas, which are at high risk to climate change.

The project –– “Demonstration of Eco-town Framework in the Philippines” –– aims to build the foundation for establishing the Eco-towns by achieving the following objectives:

  1. Determine the available natural resources of the local unit and the vulnerability of its most crucial sectors vis-à-vis the impacts of climate change;
  2. Identify and prioritize the appropriate adaptation measures based on sound science and knowledge of the local community;
  3. Undertake climate programming by mainstreaming the prioritised climate change adaptation measures into the local development plans.

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