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Corporate Sustainability Korea: Performance & Trends 2013

The results of the 6th annual Korean ESG review show that management awareness for sustainability management has been further increasing, accelerated strongly since the financial crises of 2008/2009. However, certain areas remain challenging, with little improvement made over recent years. This report focuses on three particular areas:

* Governance and the Chaebol structure: an unresolved issue that has spilled into the recent presidential elections.

* 2012 has seen a development towards integration of sustainability considerations in strategic business decision making in Korea, with many companies exploring sustainable and/or “green” business growth opportunities

* Despite significant efforts and public campaigns, Korea’s energy intensity remains significantly above OECD averages. The report looks at the corporate response and the wider challenges for the nation that depends on imports for 97% of its energy needs

Analysis of the financial performance also shows that sustainable management capabilities continue to return better financial results. Shares of sustainable companies also yield higher returns: the SolA50, an index of Koreas 50 most sustainable companies, continues to outperform the market and SRI benchmarks for a 5th consecutive year by considerable margins.

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