Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking

Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking

A landmark Cornell University study has industry-wide data collection and analysis effort to benchmark. This report highlights the results of the first Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking (CHSB) study which focuses on two key components of sustainability: energy usage and carbon emissions.

Monthly utility usage from nine major companies and over 2,000 hotels were analyzed. We present information on the ranges of six energy and carbon key performance indicators (KPI) specifically suited to the hotel industry, with detailed results reported for thirty geographic areas.

Three key conclusions are (1) benchmarks based on local geography and chain scale segment are essential for any resulting analysis to be useful to the hotel industry, (2) even for hotels with similar attributes and in the same city, energy per square meter can vary by more than a factor of 5, and (3) there is a continued need for data harmonization to quantify additional drivers of energy use.

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