Cleantech on the Rise

Some business and economic opportunities only come along generationally — a handful of times in a century. Like the harnessing of electricity, the development of railways, or the invention of the telephone, clean tech is a generational opportunity.

Without clean-energy sources, the world can barely sustain current demand for energy, let alone meet growing requirements. Every major global economy is developing governmental policies to ensure that clean energy comprises a significant portion of its energy portfolio by 2030.

Germany is a leading example of a nation pursuing clean-energy innovation, production, and deployment. Robust subsidies have fueled major commercial activity and enterprise. But governmental policy rarely delivers all that it promises.

Cleantech on the rise: Generational opportunities for 21st-century businesses brings together the experience of Grant Thornton International Ltd member firms around the world into a compelling white paper rich with industry research; analysis of international government policy; a discussion of global investment trends; and on-the-ground viewpoints from professionals in the UK, China, India, Israel, and the United States.

The white paper explores three major themes:

  • Government commitments to clean tech for meeting long-term needs
  • The gap between governmental policy statements and practical commercial applications
  • Success is in the hands of corporate leaders who can develop and commercialize solutions with keen awareness of government policy but without undue reliance on public sources of funding or other forms of governmental support.

For investors, inventors, and business leaders and visionaries who see clean tech as a generational opportunity, this white paper is a must-read.

About Grant Thornton:

Serving your cleantech business

The member firms of Grant Thornton International Ltd serve clean technology and clean energy companies around the globe. Through independently owned and managed accounting and advisory firms in over 100 countries, Grant Thornton International member firms provide assurance, tax and advisory services to privately held businesses, publicly held companies and public sector entities in this dynamic and growing sector of the global economy. For more information about how Grant Thornton LLP (the U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International) can help your cleantech organization grow and maximize its success, please email us at or call 877.488.4783.

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