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Ecosperity Week 2024 post-conference report: Renewing our Vibrant Spring
From phasing out fossil fuels in Southeast Asia to pricing nature risks into investment decisions, Ecosperity Week 2024 convened some of the world's biggest real economy players, financiers, carbon market …
Green Development 2030

Carbon & Climate

Green Development 2030

A combination of digitalization and decarbonization will drive a new era of green development. Together with its customers and partners, Huawei will continuously innovate, use green ICT to empower green …
The value of biodiversity for Asia's megacities
Asia’s urban populations have grown significantly over the past three decades as people flock to cities, in search for jobs. A 2019 study by the Asia-Pacific Urban Forum found that most of the region’s population, over 2.3 billion people,...
Tomorrow's cities: Engineering the energy transition
Together with Danfoss and the Danish Embassy, Eco-Business conducted a forum where some 180 participants discussed ways of making cities climate-smart. The forum included a panel discussion on Singapore’s approach …
Transforming Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi into Sustainable Cities of Vietnam
Solidiance's new report highlights the development of two cities in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, which see progress in their urban infrastructure. Despite better income and standard of …
Freezing in the tropics - Asean's air-con conundrum
Southeast Asia is facing a growing cooling crisis, but its people remain unaware of the threat that inefficient cooling technologies can pose to national development and the environment, finds a …
The Top 10 global cities for green buildings
This white paper ranks the performance of 10 global cities: Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo (in no particular order), with regards to …
Green Venue Report 2014

Green Buildings

Green Venue Report 2014

Greenview and Twirl Management released the Green Venue Report 2014: The State of Convention Center Sustainability.
Determining materiality in hotel carbon footprinting: What counts and what does not
As hotel companies seek in good faith to determine and report their carbon footprints, often in response to stakeholder requests, the issue of materiality arises, in which the hotel firm …
Activating Learning in Sustainable Design
This case study focuses on the design and delivery of a hands-on workshop involving second year Interior Design students at London Metropolitan University.
Are We the Tool?

Green Buildings

Are We the Tool?

In sustainable design, the search for 'the right tool' is an obvious starting point, something to tell us - and those we serve - how to do it.
Climate change and aging population shape construction
Megatrends will drive new construction business to more than double by 2023, creating huge opportunities across the globe, Lux Research says
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