Asian SMEs adopting sustainable consumption and production

Asian SMEs adopting sustainable consumption and production

In its promotion of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), the EU-funded SWITCH-Asia Programme addresses particularly the needs, role and potential of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are a driving force of economic growth, employment, trade and innovation in both Europe and Asia.

This publication provides a sample of case studies from SMEs that participated in SWITCH-Asia projects. With the technical support and training received by these projects, they were able to implement changes and adopt new practices that have resulted in substantial improvements in resource and energy efficiency, as well as occupational health and safety.

These examples showcase how SCP practice, approaches and tools are also “SME-friendly” and do not necessarily require costly investment or sophisticated technology.

They demonstrate that the concept of SCP is not a complex approach affordable only by large companies with abundant resources in developed economies. SCP concepts can be applied successfully and substantial improvements realised also by SMEs working with very limited resources and within challenging regulatory and business environments.

Implementing SCP concepts also supports these companies in optimising their resource utilisation and becoming even more resilient. At the same time, these cases demonstrate how simple and cost-effective measures can generate large benefits and substantial returns within a short payback period.

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