50001 Reasons to Improve Energy Performance

Managing energy has multiple benefits – cutting costs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, supporting sustainability commitments, and more – but it is not as simple as it seems. Management systems can be the key by which organizations unlock their full potential for energy efficiency and savings.

Management systems provide a framework for optimizing use of energy-consuming assets, applying energy-efficient technologies, and promoting efficiency throughout the enterprise. One formal energy management system is the ISO 50001 standard, published in June 2011 by the International Organization for Standardization. Some organizations may find that standard too complex for their purposes, but its basic Plan-Do-Check-Act process can help almost any entity effectively manage and continuously improve energy performance – in a building, in a campus, or across an entire building portfolio.

Research shows that organizations with energy management systems or programs are more likely than others to take actions that improve efficiency. Case studies demonstrate how specific companies have done it.

Explore this issue in greater detail by downloading the Issue Brief: 50001 Reasons to Improve Energy Performance.

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