Wind is key to cutting emissions

Wind power could help the EU meet almost a third of its emissions reduction target.

A new report from the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) showed that by 2020, the EU wind industry would avoid 342 million tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 31% of the EU’s target of reducing emissions by 20%. Including the contribution of other renewable energy generation sources could bring that up to 48% of the target.

The EWEA said that the findings show it would be possible for the EU to adopt a target of 30% emissions reduction by 2020.

“An ambitious 2020 climate target is key to maintaining Europe’s leadership in the wind power industry in an environment of fast growing global competition from China, the US, South Korea and Japan” said Rémi Gruet, EWEA’s senior advisor on Climate and Environment. “It is clear that by deploying wind energy and other renewables the EU can move to a 30% greenhouse gas reduction target with ease.”

According to the EWEA Bulgaria has the potential to install 3,000MW of wind power by 2020, equivalent to 13.5-15% of the country’s total electricity consumption. In 2010, country installed 153MW of wind generation capacity, to reach a total of 488MW. it.

Market trends and good business opportunities in this part of Europe will be outlined at the forthcoming South-East European Congress and Exhibition on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (28-30 March 2012, Sofia, Bulgaria).

Leading companies from Austria, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Germany, Poland, the USA, etc. will present cutting-edge wind, solar, bio- and hydro energy systems; technologies and new solutions for energy efficient construction, electric vehicles, building renovation and energy certification services, etc. Traditional exhibitors are Vestas and Globul Wind Power. The organizer expects the event to attract over 7000 professional visitors from South-East Europe: municipality and association representatives; investors and specialists in the sectors of renewables, power engineering, construction, ecology, finance, transport, etc.

The parallel 3-day Congress will focus on hot topics like financing projects, investment and trade opportunities, latest developments and challenges in green energy.

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