Wind farm owners timeline for success

With 51.5GW of new wind turbine capacity installed in 2014 and 36GW in 2013, it is clear that the wind industry requires an increasingly robust, distributed and consolidated O&M services apparatus to not only meet this cumulative growth but also to tend to the ever complex challenges which a growing and maturing industry presents.

The emergence of new onshore markets, an ageing fleet in established markets, increase in turbine capacity and a diversification in owner/operator profiles has led to a boom in the services space with an increase in both volume and type of O&M service providers and service options. These factors have also altered the requirements in O&M service provisions and challenged the boundaries of O&M best practice.

To mark the launch of Wind Energy Update’s Onshore O&M Service Options Report 2015, we have put together this exclusive Infographic Presentation to help you make sense of this increasingly complex services landscape and ultimately help to construct a viable and effective O&M service strategy.

In this Infographic Presentation we deliver the strategic steps an asset owner should be considering across the complete life cycle of a wind farm, irrespective of the O&M service contract deployed.

This only touches the surface of the data, analysis and industry insight provided within the WEU Onshore O&M Service Options Report 2015. Representing over six months of primary and secondary research and culminating in over 100 pages of high-quality data and analysis, 64 figures, 22 tables and 15 case studies, this Report harnesses analysis and transforms it into actionable intelligence to guide and enhance O&M service selection and deliverance experiences.

The WEU Onshore O&M Services Report 2015 is the second publication in the WEU Onshore O&M Report Series 2015, which covers three key O&M areas:

  • WEU Onshore Asset Optimization & Reliability Benchmarking Report 2015 (publication March 2015)
  • WEU Onshore O&M Service Options Report 2015 (publication March 2015)
  • WEU Onshore O&M Strategy Configuration Report 2015 (publication April 2015)

To get your copy of this Infographic Presentation Wind Farm Owners Timeline for Success click here

For more information please contact directly:
Simi Ramabhadran
Global Account Manager
Wind Energy Update
T: + 44 (0) 207 422 4338

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