Water Expo China 2016 concluded a success with 14,246 local and overseas visitors

Water Expo China 2016, held from 15 – 17 November at the New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, was jointly organised by Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd and the Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society (CHES).

Water conservation remains a top priority in China’s eight national infrastructure development plans of its 13th Five-Year Plan, and the country has announced policy changes to facilitate the construction of an ecological civilisation.

The fair offers support by acting as a platform for local companies to showcase and promote related water solutions and technologies.

Commenting on the show, Mr Hu Siyi, President of CHES, said: “Growth in the water industry would not be possible without the collaborative efforts of the government, private and public sectors. The fair received strong support from water-related government departments, provincial and municipal ministries, enterprises, research institutes, manufacturing firms and universities.

This year’s fair attracted 156 companies that displayed technological advancements in the industry. It was also completed with award-winning entries of the Dayu Water Science and Technologies Prize 2016.

On the other hand, in an effort to stimulate industry exchange, the China International Water Business Summit provided a macro analysis of the industry, its policies and latest innovations.”

Mr Jason Cao, Chairman of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, added: “The 2016 edition offered a high-quality, wide-ranging display of the current water innovations that are driving vigorous industry growth in China.

The three-day show drew 14,246 visitors from 31 countries and regions, of which 13,408 (94 per cent) were locally based and 838 (6 per cent) were from overseas.

Visitors included more than 20 delegations led by industry associations and provincial and municipal water ministries, such as those from Henan Province, Shanxi Province and Wuxi City. Serving as an important industry tool, the fair acts as a bridge between the government, enterprises and trade associations. Not only does the show facilitate trade and information exchange, but it also educates and promotes industry growth.”

156 exhibitors engaged in trade and information exchange

Water Expo China is considered one of the leading trade platforms in China for promoting brands and showcasing products in the water industry. The 2016 edition welcomed the return of Beijing Capital, Hanjian Heshan Pipeline, Dayu Conserving Water, Beijing HTGS, Huizhong Instrumentation, Zhejiang Tancy and more.

It also marked the debut of Poly Solar Technologies, Dongxin Plastic, Z-Park Green Strategic Alliance and Jianhua Construction Materials.Beijing Capital Co Ltd took part in the fair for the ninth consecutive year. The company’s display included its works in urban water conservation, water supply, sewage treatment and river remediation for sponge cities.

Mr Jianghan, Deputy General Manager of the company, shared: “Water Expo China is a valued industry platform and we attract great visitor attention every year. The show received widespread coverage by various reputable media channels which helped to greatly enhance the visibility of our company, get in touch with the government, and share important information with industry peers.”

The fair is widely praised by the industry and backed by support from the Ministry of Water Resources of the People’s Republic of China. Positive results and smooth fair arrangements are reasons why exhibitors continue to return. Mr Dai Liguo, General Manager of Huizhong Instrumentation Co Ltd, expressed: “The fair’s significance in the industry is not to be underestimated.

We returned to the fair for the third time this year and managed to connect and have in-depth discussions with many experts such as Mr Hu Siyi. We also met with more than 40 influential experts to our booth, including an association director from Kazakhstan.

The fair’s organisation and tailor-made arrangements were flawless, as always.”Poly Solar Technologies (Beijing) has been authorised by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China to provide foreign aid supplies and launch cooperation projects in 23 countries, with a focus on African trade.

Mr Hou Huilin, General Manager of the company, said: “Water Expo China is a reputable industry platform that we hoped to use to announce the company’s involvement in the water treatment business. It was also the place for us to connect with suppliers, end-users, industry peers, equipment producers and manufacturers. We were satisfied with the number and quality of visitors that came to visit our booth.

Many of them were decision-makers, professional buyers, or representatives from different buyer delegations. Overall, we were quite happy with the results of our first participation.”Under the support of the German government, the Bavarian German Pavilion returned with seven leading companies in 2016.

The pavilion showcased cutting-edge technologies in sewage treatment, leakage control, drainage and storm water management as well as flood control.

Ms Kirsten Brinkmann, Manager of Trade Fairs and Exhibitions at Bayern International, commented: “It was the third time for the Bavarian German Pavilion to return and our goal was clear: to promote our SMEs to the Chinese market and connect with partners, distributors and agents.

We believe that repeat participation is the key to increasing our companies’ exposure and getting noticed in the local market.”Mr Pan Ping, a representative from Suzhou Doart-Energy Technology Co Ltd, was a first-time visitor at the fair.

He reflected: “My job is to apply solar technologies to the water industry. I joined the fair in search of solutions related to water automation, instrumentation and water resources monitoring.

During my visit, I talked to about five potential companies that I could cooperate with. I also learned about current technological advancements and applications in the market.”This year, the fair also welcomed close to 20 visitor delegations.

Mr Wang Yanrong, Secretary-General of the Hydraulic Engineering Society of Henan Province, expressed: “The water business has experienced intense growth in recent years due to strong demand created by various construction projects.

Water Expo China is a renowned industry event with exhibits that reflect current industry developments. More than 70 professionals from our society came to visit this exhibition to get an overview of the market and exchange information.

I found the displays on informationalisation, cloud computing and big data very rewarding. Also, the showcase on water resources management and ecological civilisation construction was more diverse than the previous year.”

35 concurrent events offered excellent insights into industry developments

The fair’s concurrent events gathered as many as 38 industry experts. They shared their insights on current and future developments at 35 conference sessions and seminars.The 11th China International Water Business Summit received positive feedback from a full audience.

Mr Wang Hao from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, shed light on the topic of “Concepts and Framework of Water Business for Smart Cities”. Some other speakers were Mr Ma Jianhua, Deputy Executive and Professoriate Senior Engineer of Changjiang Water Resources Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources; and Mr Cai Yang, Secretary and Professoriate Senior Engineer of the Information Center of The Ministry of Water Resources.

They presented on issues ranging from government policies and informationalisation of water conservancy to new technologies and new equipment.Mr Tang Ke-wang, Deputy Chief Engineer, Professoriate Senior Engineer of the Department of Water Environment at the China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, was the speaker of the “Introduction to Water Ecology-Civilisation and Guidelines for Assessment” conference session.

He shared: “The conference is effective in stimulating industry exchange in the fields of water ecological civilisation and environmental protection. It also allows different parties to display their achievements.

Among the audience were professionals that I was pleased to get into contact with, including those from the sectors of water resources protection and utilisation, urban construction, ecology, engineering construction, sewage treatment and recycling and river management. Interaction with the companies in attendance was very helpful to my research.

The fair also connected me with representatives and experts from the water conservancy, hydropower commissions and dam commissions.”Mr Ye Peng is a Senior Engineer from the Jining Water Resources Bureau who viewed the summit highly.

He shared: “As an engineer in the Water Resources Bureau, I took home with me new water technologies after the event. The report on ‘Opportunities and Challenges of Water Conservancy Development in the Belt and Road Initiative’ given by Mr Li Yuanyuan, Deputy President and Professoriate Senior Engineer of the China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute, introduced me to the projects in Southeast Asia. Such foreign case studies were of great value to my research and the speakers were professional.

Water Expo China is without a doubt one of the most reputable information exchange platforms that I have come across.”Mr Men Shi, Director of Overseas Business from Beijing Tidelion S&I Rainwater Harvesting Technology Co Ltd, was a guest speaker at the “Chinese Green Enterprises Going Global Forum and Establishment Ceremony of the Belt and Road Environmental Technology and Industry Alliance”.

He expressed: “Under the guidance of the Belt and Road Environmental Technology and Industry Alliance, we have sped up our projects in Sri Lanka which are now due to be launched. I joined the fair to share my experiences with industry peers and hopefully help companies tap foreign markets.”Ms Liu Ting, Section Chief of the Division for Asia-Pacific Environmental Cooperation at the Regional Hub for South-South Environmental Cooperation of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, was an attendee at the forum.

She commented: “My purpose for attending was to find out more about the work of the alliance and how they could assist companies in going global. I obtained important insights on the missions of the alliance as well as connected with its members. I believe this will serve as an asset for my work in environmental research.

Mr Qiu Huasheng, Former Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave me an inclusive overview of the opportunities and challenges of the Belt and Road Initiative for water businesses, which was a great inspiration to my work.”

For more information, please visit www.waterexpochina.com or www.ches.org.cn or email water@china.messefrankfurt.com. More details on Messe Frankfurt’s environmental technology events can be found at www.environment.messefrankfurt.com, including information about partners, themes, topics and information about Messe Frankfurt’s expertise in the field.

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