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Top tips: Creating successful partnerships

Ethical Corporation discussed creating successful partnerships with the Sustainability Directors of Timberland, Starwood Hotels and William Jackson Food Group in a live webinar with over 700 listeners on 1st December.

Building successful partnerships with key stakeholders is tricky, but getting this right can help your business, and more importantly your industry, create that bigger overall change.

88% of our listeners agreed that forging partnerships with key stakeholders are vital to long term business success.

Timberland, Starwood Hotels and William Jackson Food Group focused on how they are practically collaborating to achieve business growth, the benefits of their approach and what this means for their brand value.

Top tips starting off a partnership included:

  • Start off small: perfect your partnership journey with 1 or 2 stakeholders to understand what works for you
  • Don’t do too much too fast: take your time and pull efforts in building a lasting relationship
  • Promote transparency and open communication with your potential partners
  • Friend or Foe? Invite all your stakeholders to the table to understand their business better and assess the impact that a partnership will have
  • Be proactive rather than reactive with NGOs: be ahead of the game

You can listen to the full recordings here:

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