Tiger Pro 54p, JinkoSolar’s brand new product to lead distribution market

Tiger Pro 54p, JinkoSolar’s brand new product to lead distribution market

At present, the distribution market PV demand is increasing year by year. According to IHS, the CAGR for distribution market of PV modules in 2020-2024 will reach 9.81 per cent.

JinkoSolar launched Tiger Pro 54p high efficiency module based on the characteristics of the global residential rooftop market and customer preferences, after the completing survey for PV module needs of the regional DG customers in various aspects.

Thanks to its superior module size and elegant design, the advanced technology and perfect system compatibility, Tiger Pro 54P high efficiency module has become the best choice in today’s distribution market.

Smart size, higher power

Tiger Pro 54p high efficiency module boasts a maximum power output of 415W and a maximum efficiency of 21.3 per cent. The module dimensions are 1718mm*1134mm. The module length of about 1.7 meters makes Tiger Pro 54p suitable for average height of installers.

Since the height is proportional to the arm length, the user-friendly design greatly improves the manual handling of the panel, and can be adapted to different rooftop sizes, maximizing the utilization of the roof area.

The width is designed to be about 1.1 meters, which also greatly facilitates the handling and installation of modules. Tiger Pro 54p high efficiency module is smaller, more flexible and more powerful than competing products in the same category.

The perfect fusion of technology and beauty

As part of JinkoSolar Tiger Pro series, Tiger Pro 54p also uses the 10BB 182-size cell. The Multi-Busbar Technology can improve cell efficiency by 0.4 per cent, shorten current path by 50 per cent, and reduce the risk of crack. The module adopts circular ribbon, which can effectively improve the utilization of direct light, and improve the utilization of light and power generation performance in oblique incident. The thinner circular ribbon improves the product’s aesthetic and can effectively avoid the glare issue caused by conventional ribbon.

In response to customer demand for all-black products in some regions, Tiger Pro 54p high efficiency module is available in all-black. The black backsheet and all-black frame, paired with circular ribbon can effectively reduce the light reflection of the modules on the roof, providing a selection of PV modules that combines higher efficiency with an elegant aesthetic.

Perfect system compatibility

In terms of system compatibility, Tiger Pro 54p high efficiency module is able to achieve comprehensive compatibility. Starting from the second half of this year, mainstream inverter manufacturers will launch residential/C&I inverters with a maximum input current of 15+A. Tiger Pro 54p high efficiency module has the Imp of 13.48A, providing perfect system-side compatibility to improve the global distribution market deployment.

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