The CIP of Loreto is awarded EarthCheck Certification

Throughout history, the ‘Fondo Nacional de Fomento al Turismo’ (FONATUR) has coordinated efforts with government, the private sector and the community to encourage sustainable development at a destination level from its conceptualisation to its implementation and execution. This has resulted in destinations throughout Mexico being recognised by an array of both national and international awards.

For over a decade FONATUR has promoted and supported the transformation of the Mexican tourism industry. Through its partnership with EarthCheck, FONATUR has strived to implement international best practices and sustainable actions across a number of its Master Planned destinations, including the recently Certified Centro Integralmente Planeado (CIP) of Loreto. FONATUR hopes to not only achieve high quality and environmental standards, but that these destinations will also attract higher volume of tourists and foreign investments.

FONATUR also celebrated this year the EarthCheck Platinum Certification of the CIP of Huatulco, recognising 12 years of certification. Huatulco is a pioneer destination in environmental and social management practices at an international level and is the first destination in Latin America, and the second one worldwide to achieve EarthCheck Platinum Certification. It has also been designated as a Carbon Low Zone for its efforts to mitigate climate change.

In its continuing efforts to be a leader in sustainable development, FONATUR’s Head Quarters have also set a high standard by achieving EarthCheck Certified for its office located in Mexico City.

FONATUR’s mission is to be a beacon for the planning and development of sustainable tourism projects of national importance. By developing sustainable, competitive, and adequately financed projects they strive to generate income and promote Mexico’s image abroad and overseas.

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