Teramoto Iron Works and Eco Marine Power form strategic alliance

Pathway for commercial production of EnergySail and Aquarius MRE System established.

The strategic alliance with Teramoto Iron Works will provide EMP access to a production base and testing centre in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture - one of Japan’s most important shipbuilding areas. In addition, EMP will also benefit from being able to tap into the skills and experience of Teramoto Iron Works - a company that has been associated with the shipbuilding sector since 1934 and was involved in the production of innovative rigid sails in the mid 1980’s.

This alliance between Teramoto Iron Works and EMP will initially lead to the production of the first pre-commercial EnergySail this year. After production, this device will be installed on a ship along with the EnergySail Automated Control System (ACS) and evaluated during sea trials.

The EnergySail ACS was recently displayed in Tokyo at Sea Japan 2014 and is being developed in co-operation with KEI System Ltd.

Commenting on the alliance, Mr. Yoshitaka Teramoto, President of Teramoto Iron Works said “We look forward to working together with EMP in bringing the EnergySail and Aquarius MRE System to the shipping market. Both these technologies will also give Teramoto Iron Works the opportunity to demonstrate once again our skills and ability to deliver high quality products.”

Teramoto Iron Works and EMP will also co-operate on various research & design (R&D) projects and work together to develop further variations of the EnergySail.

About Teramoto Iron Works

Teramoto Iron Works Co. Ltd. has been committed to the manufacture of crane components and lifting gear since its establishment in 1934 in Onomichi, one of the last remnants of old Setouchi. Based on the accumulation of technology and expertise, Teramoto Iron Works is able to maintain a justified pride in its ability to respond to the full range of customer requirements.

Teramoto Iron Works is able to deliver JIS-type pulley production and products such as marine cargo handling fitting blocks and hoisting attachments, derrick rigs, derrick crane posts, and working barge equipment.

To read more about Teramoto Iron Works please visit: http://www.teramoto-iron.jp/english

About Eco Marine Power

Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd. (EMP) is an internationally focused technology company that develops fuel saving and emission reduction systems for ships including passenger ferries, survey ships, oil tankers and cargo vessels. These technologies include the EnergySail, Aquarius MRE System and Aquarius Management & Automation System (MAS).

EMP also develops sustainable ship concepts that incorporate the latest renewable energy technologies and is currently working on a number of design projects including Aquarius Eco Ship and Medaka eco-commuter ferry. The company is based in Fukuoka, Japan.

To read more about Eco Marine Power please visit: www.ecomarinepower.com

Media Enquiries
Greg Atkinson
Director & Chief Technology Officer
Eco Marine Power
Phone: +81 92 287 9677
E-mail: greg.atkinson@ecomarinepower.com

Aquarius MRE System & EnergySail are trademarks of Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd.

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