Sun Island Resorts Shanghai presents 3rd Annual Symposium to maximize corporate flow

The Mahota Symposium presents its third annual symposium – Maximizing Corporate Flow – Innovative ways to build sustainable business, at Mahota Farm on Chong Ming Island and Sun Island Resorts, Shanghai from 7 to 9 September 2012.

The Symposium aims to engage decision makers and interested individuals to commit to making a sustainable lifestyle a priority in their corporate and personal lives, through seemingly disparate but intimately connected fields – health, agriculture, tourism and education – in offering a sustainable strategy for organizational transformation.

Keynote speaker, Mr. Tan Hong Khoon Chairman of Prime Group International, will share his story - Journey to Good Health, how a cardiac arrest changed his perspective in life, his vision, lifestyle and his entire business model to bring the company to greater heights.

The transformation of Sun Island Resorts, Shanghai to a wellness integrated destination with a research center based on TCM philosophy to design programs for individual and corporate wellness and converting an existing pig farm to sustainable agriculture that aims at zero carbon emission are few of the many initiatives that demonstrate the Chairman’s vision of Sharing, Harmony and Symbiosis.

Symposium at Mahota Farm will discuss topics on Sustainable Agriculture and its effect on tourism, local community and how corporate groups can do their part and also benefit from supporting the new movement.

Symposium on Sun Island covers important topics of how sustainable business stems from employees’ health and wellbeing, ethical business methods and making green choices for your company’s setup, activities and space planning.

A series of hands-on workshops conducted by thought leaders in their fields would share tips for delegates to take care of themselves in their busy lifestyles, creating green space for their office or personal space and an exhilarating Laughter Yoga session conducted by the Founder of Laughter Yoga.

Join us for the Mahota Symposium to create the lifestyle we truly deserve.

About Mahota Symposium

Organized by Sun Island Resorts, Shanghai and Mahota Magazine, the Mahota Symposium gathers forward-thinking researchers and inspirational practitioners to share ideas on the creation of a new sustainable lifestyle. The symposium is a platform for participants to interact and learn from each other and to put forth a humble yet insistent effort to provide innovative and practical solutions to help health the Earth and humankind.

Mahota Symposium: Mahota Magazine:

About Sun Island Resorts, Shanghai

A gift from nature, Sun Island Resorts, Shanghai, is the only natural island in Shanghai, nestled in lush greenery along the upstream of Huangpu River, less than an hour’s drive from the city center.

Splendidly blessed with natural hot spring, the wellness resort features European-style villas, two well manicured 18-hole golf courses, a geo-thermal indoor pool and host of recreational and wellness activities aimed to provide an ideal getaway for guests looking for a holistic retreat.

The Wellness Research Center on the island integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in its offerings with personalized and holistic treatments. Services are designed and performed by the center’s team of wellness professionals, which includes certified nutritionists, TCM doctors and trained therapists. The resort’s wellness cuisine is researched and designed based on seasonal change, sustainable agriculture produce. It is the only wellness resort, which owns a sustainable agriculture farm in Chong Ming Island.  The farm produces safe and high quality ingredients, which provides a holistic approach to wellness, starting from the source of your diet.

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About Mahota Farm

Mahota Farm adopts sustainable approaches to agriculture and views the Earth simply as a limited resource. Through the revision of many traditional modes of agrarian practices such as the emphasis on bio-diversity, cosmic-rhythms and energy renewal and recycle, the farm aims to help promote sustainable farming in order to cultivate soil health and maintain health amongst mankind.

Take a farm tour; experience the farmers’ bliss while planting your own seeds, seedlings or harvesting the ripe produce. Roast your own sweet potatoes, feed the ducks and geese, cycle through the fields or try river fishing. It is indeed a gratifying experience to connect with nature.

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