Sompo Japan Nipponkoa continues protecting biodiversity in Japan

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc. will implement the SAVE JAPAN Project which is a community-based, participatory biodiversity conservation project undertaken in collaboration with environmental NGOs/NPOs and other organizations across Japan. SAVE JAPAN Project marks 5 years since FY2011.

1. Overview of the SAVE JAPAN Project

The SAVE JAPAN Project is a program in which Sompo Japan Nipponkoa make donations to environmental NGOs/NPOs and other organizations that correspond with the number of customers who decides to select the “web-based insurance clause” option when enrolling in automobile insurance or to use recycle parts when repairing automobile.

It carries out activities to conserve biodiversity with citizens in cooperation with the Japan NPO Center, the NPO support centers that support civic activities in local regions, and environmental NGOs/NPOs nationwide. The project provides opportunities for citizens to rethink their local environment and aims to “create livable environments for living creatures.” by promoting environmental conservation through the cooperation of companies, NGOs/NPOs, and residents.

2. Policy for Activities in FY2015

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa have been carrying out environmental preservation activities to protect endangered species in all areas throughout Japan starting from events in June 6th. From FY2014 Sompo Japan Nipponkoa had started charging some events in order to donate the fees to reinforce NGOs/NPOs’ financial conditions and promote conservation activities of endangered species. Applications for participation in the various areas’ activities and past reports on the activities are available on the website below.

(SAVE JAPAN Project website) (Japanese only)

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