SIG leads industry with 100 per cent ASI-certified aluminium sourcing for aseptic carton packs

SIG leads industry with 100 per cent ASI-certified aluminium sourcing for aseptic carton packs

SIG, a leading packaging solutions provider for a more sustainable world, has announced another industry first for responsible sourcing by purchasing 100 per cent of the aluminium for SIG aseptic carton packs with certification to the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) standards globally from January 2023.

ASI sets leading standards for responsible aluminium production and sourcing, covering a broad range of ethical, environmental, and social topics, including specific limits on carbon emissions in the production of aluminium. SIG is the only packaging provider to offer aseptic cartons with ASI-certified aluminium and enable customers to include the ASI label on its packs.

“Achieving 100 per cent ASI-certified aluminium for our aseptic carton packs is another sustainability landmark for SIG and marks another industry first from SIG. It is a significant milestone on our Way Beyond Good commitment to a more sustainable world,” said Angela Lu, President and General Manager of SIG (Asia Pacific South). “Already, 100 per cent of our liquid packaging board has been purchased with FSCTM certification since 2021, and we are continuing to deliver on our responsible sourcing ambitions by purchasing 100 per cent ASI-certified aluminium.” 

SIG has led the way in offering the world’s first packaging materials without an aluminium layer for aseptic cartons since 2010, including a full barrier solution without an aluminium layer that was launched in 2022. But these are not yet available in all formats and many of SIG’s aseptic carton packs still require an ultra-thin layer of aluminium foil to protect the food inside.

By requiring all its aluminium suppliers to meet ASI standards, SIG is also helping to improve performance in supply chains and drive lower-carbon aluminium production, supporting reductions in the carbon footprint for SIG and its customers.

“SIG was one of the first companies in the world to achieve certification to ASI’s Chain of Custody and Performance Standards. To now reach 100 per cent ASI certification for all its aluminium suppliers is a great achievement that is supporting ongoing improvements in the aluminium supply chain. The option for on-pack ASI labelling also offers a further opportunity to spread the message about responsible aluminium production and sourcing to consumers”, said Dr Fiona Solomon, Chief Executive Officer of ASI.

SIG has led the industry on responsible sourcing certifications for more than a decade with a host of industry firsts related to Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSCTM) certification of liquid packaging board, including purchasing 100 per cent of its liquid packaging board with FSCTM certification since the start of 2021.

Customers have been able to include the FSC label on any SIG aseptic carton pack since 2016. Now they can add the ASI label to any SIG aseptic carton pack to demonstrate their commitment to responsible sourcing to consumers. The FSC label is included on nearly all SIG packs and the ASI label was already included on nearly 1.4 billion SIG packs in 2022. Featuring these labels on product packaging can also have a wider positive impact by increasing consumer awareness and demand for responsibly sourced raw materials.

Responsible sourcing, verified through recognised third-party certifications, is central to SIG’s ambitions to go Way Beyond Good for people and the planet, by offering customers the most sustainable packaging solutions on the market.

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