Seven Clean Seas receives impact based investment to accelerate growth

Seven Clean Seas receives impact based investment to accelerate growth
Seven Clean Seas members cleaning up a beach. Image: Ecca Family Foundation

Seven Clean Seas is thrilled to announce the recent investment by Christian Algot Enevoldsen, founder of ECCA Family Foundation. This investment comes following two previous grants from the ECCA Family Foundation that were instrumental in the growth of Seven Clean Seas. 

A catalyst for growth, this investment allows Seven Clean Seas to set up new projects to scale positive environmental impact. Seven Clean Seas can also expand internal skill sets by hiring passionate, experts who will drive the progress of the organisation.

Built on the ethos of sustainable growth, Seven Clean Seas has always been committed to ensuring that, as the organisation grows, so does the impact it creates. ECCA Family Foundation has always shared this vision and have been part of the journey, seeing Seven Clean Seas go from strength to strength.

“We are excited to continue supporting Seven Clean Seas in this next step of the natural evolution of our partnership, initiated with a first grant in 2020. Plastic is suffocating our oceans and needs to be addressed urgently. Market-based solutions, like the ones provided by Seven Clean Seas, are required for scale and sustainable, long-lasting impact. We look forward to our continued journey with Seven Clean Seas to tackle the ocean plastics problem,” said Christian Algot Enevoldsen, founder of ECCA Family Foundation.

Whilst ECCA Family Foundation has already shown support through grants, this investment is the first of its kind, with the impact being prioritised over financial return. It is also a first for Seven Clean Seas, being the first formal investment into the organisation to expand business operations in addition to funding impact projects.

The founder, Tom Peacock-Nazil, has always been a firm believer in organic growth to ensure that the progress achieved is sustainable and built on strong foundations. His ultimate goal is to cultivate successful projects to remove and prevent as much plastic as possible from entering marine ecosystems. Therefore, ensuring these projects have longevity is vital.

This influx in capital comes with the end goal of impact-based returns, rather than revenue to ensure that the right metrics are prioritised. It will also enable Seven Clean Seas to work with additional stakeholders to build a disruptive market-based solution with the ethical use of Plastic Credits at the core of this strategy.

It’s fair to say that I have strong views when it comes to building a sustainable business that drives environmental impact.

Thomas Peacock-Nazil, founder, Seven Clean Seas 

The originality of the Seven Clean Seas approach is that both revenue and impact come hand in hand, as demonstrated by the Plastic Credits market it has developed. The organisation offers clients palpable business benefits whilst driving revenue for Seven Clean Seas. This, in turn, removes and prevents plastic from entering our Oceans in the first place. 

The team at ECCA Family Foundation has become part of this exciting journey. Offering advice and support, they have become an extension of the team and are ingrained in the future of the organisation. 

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