Sedex launches six new films to explore responsible sourcing

Managing the social, environmental and economic impacts of supply chains makes good business sense as well as being the right thing to do. But globalisation means that supply chains are often large, complex, multi-layered networks that consist of continuously evolving markets and relationships.

The horsemeat scandal in the UK – and more recently the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh – have highlighted the need for great transparency and served as vivid reminders as to why companies and their suppliers need to work together to raise standards and reduce risks.  

To help supply chain professionals navigate this challenging and shifting landscape, Sedex has launched Responsible Sourcing Insights - a series of six short films tackling key challenges in responsible supply chain management. 

Released over the coming months, each film features interviews with leading multinationals, suppliers, trade bodies, NGOs and other experts at the sharp end of tackling responsible supply chain challenges.

This first film in the series Getting to grips with responsible sourcing explores the key concepts at the heart of today’s responsible sourcing programmes. It charts the evolution from a niche activity into a mainstream procurement strategy that’s embraced by Sedex members and forward-thinking business leaders around the world.

Film 2 - Tackling complexity in multi-tier supply chains - explores how leading supply chain experts are responding to these challenges of establishing an effective responsible procurement programme to raise ethical standards by adopting common approaches to reduce duplication and increase collaboration.

Subsequent films in the series will be released once a fortnight at and will focus on the following themes:

Film 3: Driving transparency to improve standards
Film 4: The power of collaboration
Film 5: Big data
Film 6: Supply Chain 2.0 – where is it all heading?

Whether you are a seasoned supply chain professional – or starting out on your responsible sourcing journey – together the films are designed as a toolkit for anyone wanting to scale-up their responsible sourcing programmes.  

Media Contacts

Mark Robertson | Head of Communications | Sedex
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Notes to editor

About Sedex Information Exchange:
Sedex Information Exchange is a unique and innovative platform, helping companies to manage ethical supply chain risk and streamline the challenging process of engaging with multi-tier supply chains.

As the largest collaborative platform for managing ethical supply chain data, Sedex engages with all tiers of the supply chain with the aim of driving improvements and convergence in responsible business practices. 

Through a secure online platform, members of Sedex Information Exchange can share and manage information related to Labour Standards, Health & Safety, The Environment and Business Ethics. Members also have access to a range of resources and reports, including industry specific questionnaires and market leading risk analysis tools, developed with global risk experts Maplecroft.


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