RNRG delivers SRA System to reduce uncertainty at Panama PV project

Renewable NRG Systems (RNRG), a designer and manufacturer of decision support tools for the global renewable energy industry, announced today the supply of a resource assessment (SRA) system to Ventus Ingeniería to reduce solar irradiance uncertainty at a project in Panama. The assessment campaign is conducted by Ventus on behalf of project developer Celsia, a leading Colombian IPP.

The complete SRA solution, delivered on a turnkey basis, was deployed in the Chiriquí Province, near the city of David, Panama. It includes 2 Hukseflux SR11 First Class pyranometers, which are designed for finance-grade SRA campaigns. The accurate estimation of a prospective solar farm’s annual energy production (AEP) is instrumental for developers to secure adequate financing terms.

Hukseflux’s SR11 sensor is compliant with first class criteriafrom the ISO 9060 standard for solar radiation measurement devices. This high-accuracy thermopile-based sensor measures global horizontal irradiance (GHI) and has a spectrally flat response across the full solar spectrum.

Over the past few years, the routine collection of site-specific solar resource data has quickly become standard practice in the utility-scale PV solar industry, just as it is in the wind energy sector. When properly installed and maintained, site-specific solar resource assessment campaigns provide an accurate context from which long-term satellite-derived irradiance data can be corrected.

“We are seeing a significant interest for solar resource assessments in the region, due to the benefits of output uncertainty reduction, which in turn increases project ROI. To meet this demand, we are happy that we can rely on a partner like RNRG, who can provide industry-leading SRA solutions in a timely manner,” said Cecilia Correa, the project manager for Ventus Ingenieria.

“We need to be able to deploy the assessment campaign as quickly as possible after an order has been placed, since each day without measurement results in a corresponding delay to the project commissioning. Working with RNRG ensures we get complete, reliable solutions within a few days, despite the always tricky shipping process,” concluded Correa.


About Ventus Ingenieria

Founded in 2010, Ventus Ingeniería is hedquartered in Uruguay and has expanded to many Latin American countries such as Argentina, Panamá, Mexico, Perú and Bolivia. The company’s main aim is to provide engineering and consultancy services for energy projects, especially those related to wind and solar power. Its mission is to offer guidance and engineering services in the development, construction and operation of wind power projects. www.ventus.com.uy

About Renewable NRG Systems (RNRG)

Renewable NRG Systems (RNRG) measurement products and technical services are purpose-built for the global renewable energy industry. RNRG pioneered wind resource assessment more than 30 years ago, when the wind industry was just beginning.

Today, the company serves multiple stages of wind and solar project development—from site assessment to commercial operation. You’ll find RNRG products in use by utilities, OEMs, developers, research institutes, and governments in more than 150 countries. www.renewablenrgsystems.com

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