REC showcases its solar capabilities at Solartech Indonesia

REC, a leading global provider of solar energy solutions with one of the largest vertically integrated and fully automated production facility in Southeast Asia, is exhibiting at Solartech Indonesia from 20 to 22 May.

This is the country’s biggest and most influential tradeshow for solar power and photovoltaic (PV) technology where clean technology and renewable companies come together to exhibit and market their products and solutions. 

At the three-day exhibition, visitors can look forward to the Southeast Asian debut of REC’s TwinPeak Series and the REC SolarBox Hybrid Solution. REC will be presenting its solar manufacturing value chain where visitors will have an in-depth understanding of how solar panels are made from silicon, wafer and cells.

The three exhibits on display during the trade exhibition reinforce REC’s pole position as a leading global provider of solar energy solutions. It also demonstrates that REC is constantly at the forefront of solar technology and innovation.

The TwinPeak Series offers a cutting-edge solution on a polysilicon platform that can strongly compete with monocrystalline solar panels on efficiency and performance. This is essential to the rooftop solar markets. REC’s high-performance TwinPeak Series Solar Panels are rated up to 275 watt peak (Wp) resulting in 17% panel efficiency and targets rooftops in the growing residential, commercial, and industrial markets globally.

Based on an innovative design that provides more power output per square meter, the new panel features 120 half-cut multicrystalline cells, four bus bars, passivated emitter rear cell (PERC) technology, and a split junction box. Together, these technologies enhance power output by around 10 Wp per panel.

The SolarBox is an innovative hybrid solution by REC. It is a solar-diesel hybrid container which serves as an integrated, off-grid solar solution and is especially relevant to regions that experience unreliable access to the grid. Each solarbox comes with a solar array that can be assembled on site along with pre-installed charger controllers, inverter, battery bank, distribution boards and a backup generator.

The SolarBox comes in 4 sizes between 20 and 50kW of PV with the accompanying battery bank and generator set size customized to suite a customer’s energy need and diesel independence requirement. The SolarBox is assembled in Singapore using components that complement the quality and reliability of REC’s own panels.

Jen Tan, REC’s Vice President for Sales and Marketing in Asia-Pacific said, “As a leading global provider of solar energy solutions, we want to make a difference in helping to power the world around us. The new REC

TwinPeak Series product line has recently been selected for a commercial rooftop project in Singapore. This is where our operating headquarters and regional hub are based. We believe that our high quality solar panels will serve to meet the growing demand in Indonesia for eco-friendly rooftop systems that work in conjunction with solar panel installations.

She added, “REC is planning to introduce our SolarBox Hybrid Solutions to businesses, schools, hospitals and communities in Southeast Asia. Being a responsible corporate citizen, REC considers the long term value and impact of our business practices and believes in helping local communities to grow and sustain themselves. This embodies the REC vision, that every person benefits from electricity directly from the sun.’

As the leading clean tech hub in Asia, there has been an increasing demand for renewable energy solutions in Singapore where innovative energy solutions are constantly developed to serve the regional markets such as Indonesia. The latter is a new and emerging market which offers untapped potential for further growth and adoption of solar.

One of the largest and most populous countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has been facing stable grid connectivity challenges. To mitigate its fossil fuel dependencies, its policy-makers have encouraged the greater adoption of clean and renewable energy in the country’s energy mix. Indonesia’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) is targeting for 25% of its energy supply to come from renewable resources by the year 2025, which is part of its energy diversification policies.

Indonesia is one of the largest archipelagoes that is located right on the equator with its solar irradiance estimated at 4.8kWh/m2/day. However, the total installed solar capacity was only 45MWp in 2014. This offers an opportunity for Indonesia to tap on the abundance of renewable energy from the sun. REC’s solar solutions provide a timely and relevant response to the untapped energy potential in this market.

For more information, please contact:
Jacqueline Wong (Miss)
Corporate Communications Manager
REC Solar Pte. Ltd.
230 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction Tower, #11-05/07
Singapore 188024
Telephone: +65 64 95 90 63
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About REC

REC is a leading global provider of solar energy solutions. With more than 15 years of experience, we offer sustainable, high performing products, services and investments for the solar industry. Together with our partners, we create value by providing solutions that better meet the world’s growing energy needs. Our 1,800 employees worldwide generated revenues of USD 803 million in fiscal year 2014. As of May 13, 2015, REC belongs to Bluestar Elkem Investment Co. Ltd. Find out more about REC at

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