Proven, widely used conversion technologies to process 1.8 million tons of waste at Cebu City Landfill

Ruth P Briones, Chair and CEO of Greenergy Solutions Inc. and Convener of Zero Waste Philippines, has presented to the Cebu City Government the 25 year integrated waste management plan. The plan employs proven and widely used conversion technologies that will process and dispose of the 1.8 million tons of waste at the Cebu City Inayawan Landfill.

The plan also includes a remediation process that will treat the soil, water and air contaminated by the 15-year landfill operations at the 17-hectare Inayawan Landfill. Greenergy Solutions will evaluate the nature and extent of soil, surface water, and groundwater pollution emanating from the landfill’s former chemical pits and disposal site to abate the serious impact of waste pollution.

Briones disclosed that the long term comprehensive solid waste management plan includes the implementation of the United Nations’ Framework Convention on Climate Change (UFCCC) - Clean Development Mechanism Project 4669 described as Cebu City Landfill Gas and Waste-to-Energy project. The said project will have complementary elements that include anaerobic digestion of fresh waste with biogas collection for energy generation electricity (energy generated is consumed both on-site and exported to the grid). This will supply electricity to the regional grid, thus displacing a certain amount of fossil fuels used for electricity generation.

The Greenergy Solutions’ plan provides environmental benefits for the Cebu City project in addition to electricity generation. Methane capture by proper closure of the dumpsite will prevent the venting of significant quantities of methane into the atmosphere. Closing off the landfill will aid in air, water and soil pollution abatement since the leachate will be contained and utilized, and the biogas captured. The project is compliant with local regulations and environmental standards.

Project provides a sustainable and environmentally friendly way for  the Cebu City  Government  (LGU) to comply with Republic Act 9003, otherwise known as the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2001, by developing a viable plan for proper closure of  the landfill, creating seed capital, as well as operating capital for their sustained maintenance. It will also reduce the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and control harmful leachate in underground aquifers and waterways.

Greenergy Solutions Inc. (, the principal developer of the 25 year Integrated Waste Management Project, is a domestic corporation registered under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. It is organized by experts, advocates and professionals with more than 100 years combined experienced in technology, operations, financial and policy issues in environment and power utility sectors in the Philippines and other countries.

The company’s founders, consultants and management staff seek to utilize their professional experiences, relationships and unique skills to originate the development of sustainable environment and renewable energy projects in collaboration with foreign financial partners and investors. With this purpose, it has entered into partnerships with leading technology, engineering and financing groups to enable it to engage its customer requirements and needs in tune with the industry trends and market needs.

Greenergy is uniquely positioned as a Renewable Energy developer in the Philippine marketplace with many distinct advantages. Greenergy’s founders, officers and partners have a long history, as officials and employees, serving state and local government on technology, operational and policy application issues relating to these type of processes. The company has an in-house engineering, environmental and design capabilities to reduce overall project development and maintenance costs. Greenergy and Partners can offer a turnkey partnership approach to municipal clients who view Greenergy as experts and leaders in the renewable energy industry in the Philippines.

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