Positive Energy Ltd. launches its renewable energy finance platform

Positive Energy Ltd. launches its renewable energy finance platform

According to the WWF, the whole world could get all the power it needs from renewable resources by 2050, ending our reliance on fossil fuels and other depleting resources – but only if the right political, financial and societal decisions are made, and quickly.

Positive Energy Ltd. mission is to reimagine the energy funding process to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy assets globally.

Positive Energy Ltd. announced today the launch of its digital platform. It allows renewable energy developers to reach, in an efficient way, a big community of investors wishing to invest in renewable energy projects. Beyond the connecting tool, the platform also strengthens and optimizes the necessary information for investors.

“The platform’s ambition is shared”, claimed Nicolas Payen, co-founder and CEO of Positive Energy Ltd. “By providing the opportunity for investors to find investment opportunities and developers to maximise the promotion of their opportunities, we create meaning and strengthen the efficiency and productivity of the ecosystem.”

“On the one hand, we help developers deploy projects twice as fast. On the other hand, we allow investors to invest twice as much capital in these projects. In the long term, it is beneficial since we are drastically improving the development of renewable energy projects.”

In this occasion, Positive Energy Ltd. held an event at the Fintech Hub located at 80RR, Singapore. With more than 100 people coming, and very attractive speakers from the tech, sustainability and investment fields, such as Richard Youngman (CEO of CleanTech group), Winnie Morales (general counsel Engie Asia Pacific) and Gordon Falconer (Chairman Advisory Board at United Smart Cities), Positive Energy Ltd. managed to become known by an interesting community.

During the conference, Vincent Bakker, co-founder and CFO of Positive Energy Ltd, reminded his audience that “the digital platform saves time and money to ultimately deploy more renewable energy projects”.

About Positive Energy Ltd

Positive Energy Ltd. is a Blockchain based asset financing, trading and management platform that digitizes the transaction workflow making green investments fast, liquid and economically viable for all parties involved.




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