Plasma Lamps Lights Up ACS (I)’s Field Like it is Daytime – A First in Singapore

SINGAPORE, 30 APRIL 2013 — For rugby powerhouse Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), the rugby team can now continue to hone their skills even after dusk. Having recently employed the use of Plasma lamps by green solutions company IEQ Global Pte Ltd, the field is now lit brightly at night as it is during the day.

Previously, due to the lack of lighting at night, the ACS (I) rugby field was a sunken asset as students were unable to train after dark. The school’s decision to employ cutting edge lighting technology - fifteen 1000W Plasma floodlights to be exact – has enabled the efficient illumination of the field, allowing it to be fully utilised all day and night.

A project sponsored by a team of old boys, this green effort to give back to their alma mater has allowed ACS (I) to be environmentally sustainable while still allowing the school teams to train to their fullest potential.

This is the first time that Plasma lights have been commercially employed in Singapore. Plasma lamps are an extremely energy efficient electrode-less lighting source powered by radio frequencies. They use a significantly smaller light source than conventional lighting technologies, producing an extremely long and bright light throw. Given its high colour rendering index, they also produce near natural daylight.  

“When we were first approached to light the school field, we reviewed several leading edge lighting technologies.  Plasma lighting immediately came to mind as its long and bright light throw makes it an ideal lighting solution for a school field. With a long lifespan, more than double that of conventional metal halide lamps, it reduces re-lamping and maintenance costs. It also enables significant electricity savings, with fifteen 1000W Plasma lamps illuminating the field, comparable to a conventional option of forty 1000W metal halide lamps,” said Mr Ong Wei Ping, Executive Director of IEQ Global.

“Given its ultra long light throw, Plasma lamps are also able to utilise existing building structures, rendering additional erection of poles for the mounting of additional lighting unnecessary. This also contributes to reduced maintenance costs with lighting locations now easily accessible. We watched the ACS boys train and the lighting was literally “pitch perfect”,” added Mr Ong Wei Ping.  

“The feedback from the coaches and students has been very positive,” adds Ms Wei Loh, Senior Marketing Executive at IEQ Global.

IEQ Global works with two leading plasma technology parts vendors to develop lighting applications for use in Singapore and across Southeast Asia. Plasma lighting has also been used to illuminate a façade of the 10-storey building façade of Dorsett Singapore, the first hotel in Southeast Asia to use Plasma lighting.

About IEQ Global

IEQ Global is a premier Green Solutions provider. IEQ designs, manufactures and supplies energy efficient lamps based on stringent global and local standards, including the highest international TÜV and IEC standards by TÜV SÜD PSB in Singapore. IEQ IntelliNRGTM lamps incorporate a wide array of light sources and technologies, such as LED, Induction and Plasma. Energy efficient and proven to offer lower operational costs in comparison to conventional lighting technologies, IEQ IntelliNRGTM lamps surpasses market equivalents in performance, price and environmental friendliness. With operational hubs and partners worldwide, including Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Micronesia, Russia, Singapore and the USA, we have a portfolio of satisfied IEQ clients from the commercial, industrial and government sectors. 

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