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Omnik exhibits solar inverters at Solar Solutions 2015

Solar Solutions Int. is the largest solar energy trade-fair in the Benelux region, and Omnik, a solar inverter manufacturer with German technology attended the solar energy exhibition and exhibited its solar inverters there from April 15-16 when it was held.

The exhibited inverter series from Omnik included single phase inverters Omniksol-2k-TL2 and Omniksol-3k-TL2, three phase inverters Omniksol-10k-TL and Omniksol-20k-TL, and brand new single phase inverters Omniksol-1k/1.5k-TL-M. Among them the mini single phase inverters drew the attention of the visitors attending the exhibition because these products are smaller, lighter and more efficient.

The Netherlands is one of the most successful solar development countries across Europe. The European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) predicts that the Netherlands is expected to become the sixth solar photovoltaic countries in the European Union. The Solar Solutions 2015 offered a good opportunity for the world’s solar companies to show their solar products in the country.

Omnik is a solar inverter manufacturer with German inverter technology based in Suzhou, China. So far, it has built up its subsidiaries in a few regions of the world, including the Netherlands, the UK, Australia and Shanghai. The Netherlands is now its most popular inverter-sales zone among the four regions.


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