Omink opens new site only for inverter wholesale service

To meet the wholesale inverter demands of the global customers, Omnik New Energy has opened a new site ( mainly functioning to offer wholesale service only for four types of its solar inverters. Customers will surely enjoy more of its cheaper prices and better services.

On its official site, the inverter manufacturer provides not only solar inverters but also monitoring devices including WiFi kit, GPRS kit and PMB. However, the disadvantage of it is customers have to select their aimed products among so many types, and wholesale service is not available on this site either. In comparison, the new site only displays its inverters and related services, and sells all these products in wholesale.

All the products this site deals with are Omnik’s second generation inverters, single phase inverters, hybrid inverters and three phase inverters. All of them have their individual characteristics which may meet the demands of different customers from around the world.

Their maximum efficiencies and specialties have been clearly explained and shown there. Omnik is a China-based new energy company specializing in manufacturing solar inverters for grid-tied distributed PV systems. And so its wholesale products are all grid-tied inverters.

The services the site features are pre-sales service and warranty. The former includes monitoring solutions, solar inverter design, technical consultation and training, sample product customization and global logistics. The latter offers the service of extending its default warranties, and this may be useful for some customers with special requests.

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