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According to Development Goals of the Automobile Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan, in the next three years, China is going to grow its new energy vehicle capacity to 500,000, including pure electric vehicle cars, plug-in electric hybrid cars, regular hybrid electric vehicles.

New energy vehicle sales volume will take up around 5 per cent of the total sales of passenger vehicles.

By 2030, the electric car ownership will account for over 50 per cent of auto possession. Annual production and sales of electric vehicles will reach 10 million-19.5 million cars. To achieve this goal, government support will be the driving force of the electric car industry.

Based on the statistics of the State Grid Corporation of China, electric vehicle charging facilities pilot projects have been established and put into operation in 26 cities, including 87 standardized charging stations, 5,179 sets of chargers and 7,031 sets of AC charging piles. Our country has become one of the largest producers of electric vehicle charging devices. State Grid claimed, “During the 12th Five Year Plan (2011-16), we will build 2,351 charging stations, and 22,0000 charging posts.”

In order to open new energy vehicle markets, charging posts and other auxiliary facilities must keep pace with development. To further promote advancement in new energy vehicle technology and industrial development, establish a full auto industry chain, and promote the industrialization of the electric car, the China Civil Engineering Society Urban Public Transportation Association and HNZ Industry Media Group sponsor - cofounded by NEV New Energy Vehicle magazine, New Energy Vehicle Industry Network - the NEV Forum Charging Summit will be held from 14 to 15 June, 2012.

The NEV Forum Charging Summit will include in-depth discussions on electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the latest guidelines concerning the development of cutting edge charging station technology, and the new business model issue. The summit’s renowned speakers and professional audience will provide a comprehensive communication platform for the majority of the industry.

The NEV Forum Battery Summit will be held concurrently. We will collect insights from multiple sectors and build useful market development channels in the new energy vehicle industry, the fastest brand promotion platform, and one of the most important new energy vehicle salons on a global scale. We will spare no expense to provide an unparalleled forum for audience-presenter communication.

Throughout the entirety of the NEV Forum Charging Summit, we will endeavor to accommodate your every need and maintain an atmosphere conducive to the goals of the summit. We look forward to your arrival with sincere enthusiasm!

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