Nano Solar Reflective Paint sets new building insulation record: 33.5˚C less

When the owners of Salamander Jewelry, a company that has been manufacturing body-piercing jewellery since 1998, decided to increase production capacity in 2011 with the addition of a new building to the factory located near Bangkok (Thailand), they saw an opportunity to solve their heat problem at the same time.

The constant exposure of the metal sheet roof to sunlight created excessive heat within the building. Planet Supra nano Thermal Barrier Paint was selected to coat and insulate the existing factory building, the new building and the concrete office.

The office building was repainted with a combination of glossy white and light grey finishes, as the existing paint was criss-crossed with cracks. Planet Supra being extremely flexible, it prevents hairline cracks during its entire lifespan.

Outcome: once coated with Planet Supra Glossy White, the metal sheet roof was recorded to be 33.5°C cooler than before. This is a new record of temperature reduction measured before/after applying Planet Supra in Thailand.

9.5 tons of carbon emissions are saved per year by this project, thanks to Planet Supra’s Carbon Emission Offset certification.

Click to see the project in video.

Choice factors: Planet Supra is a nanotechnology water-based solar insulating paint manufactured in Japan. It was chosen for its high solar reflective performance, long lifespan and eco-friendliness.

Job scope: paint 3,800 square meters of metal sheet roofs with Planet Supra Glossy White. Paint roof and walls of the office building with a combination of Planet Supra Glossy White and Planet Supra Matte Light Grey.

Schedule: August-September 2011

Project phases:

Step 1: clean surfaces to be painted with high pressure water

Step 2: paint one coat (80 to 100 microns) of Planet Supra Matte White as first coat, directly onto the substrate

Step 3: paint one coat (40 to 60 microns) of Planet Supra Glossy White as top coat

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