MoreMPG expanding its business into Japan, the biggest market in Asia

MoreMPG Japan was established as of 7th of July, 2015 to be appointed as the exclusive distributor of MoreMPG by MoreMPG, Inc. and Liquid Technology International, Inc. in the territory of Japan which is the biggest market on the globe.

MoreMPG is the most advanced technology to protect the engine with its groundbreaking formula uses nanotechnology to create a protective barrier by embedding a 2 - 6 micron depth of ceramic seal into all internal metal surfaces.

It is back in 2013 when MoreMPG was first introduced to Japan and many persons and entities which tested MoreMPG were impressed by its amazing immediate effects and then, a new company was set up to closely check the technology and its effect, of course, together with its feasibility of business in Japan.

For nearly two years, this nano technology has been tested in Japan with the professional method by several prestigious institutions including DRD which is the famous automobile laboratory and some national college of technology, and scores of the motor works and the transportation companies, and its effects, notably the fuel efficiency and the significant reduction of the emission gases have been firmly confirmed.

Upon the detailed evaluation of MoreMPG by the tests conducted, the new company was reorganize as MMJ, Inc. ( MoreMPG Japan, Inc. ) by the special task force from some of the blue chip companies including NYK and Nomura.

It is highly expected that MMJ will lead Japan into the environmentally friendly place and it will contribute to the further development of Japan as the most advanced industrial country, while not losing its definite status as one of the most beautiful countries.

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