Midea appliances encourage energy-saving concept in Vietnam

Vietnam’s initiative to become a truly international brand includes gradually adopting international practices such as going green. The Midea electric cooker will be labeled ‘energy-saving‘ next year, with other household appliances to be labeled with the certification marks in the near future.

Vietnam benefits in`going green environmentally and economically. Air-conditioners and fans are the two best-sellers in the malls, yet the fan is supported more in actual sales as well as by public opinion of consumers.

“Air-conditioners consume hundreds of times more power than the fan therefore it is a lot less cost-effective,” said Ms. Ruan, a housewife.

Air-conditioners are ‘power-hungry’: The statistics of Energy Information Administration of Department of Energy shows air-conditioners make up 25 per cent of power consumed by all home appliances in America. 2,813 kilowatt-hours of electricity will be consumed by air-conditioners in a single family annually, releasing 1.9t CO2. These are quite huge figures. For Vietnam, lacking abundant reserve of energies, the massive energy consumption also means more economical and environmental burdens.

Midea, the leadi.g fan manufacturer with the highest production and sales rates globally, developed rapidly since marching into Vietnam, and is now the largest fan exporter in Vietnam, marking Vietnam as one of its key markets. Mr.Wang Zhihui, Midea’s fan technician in ASEAN, thinks Vietnam can well avoid energy-hungry ‘traps’ made by more developed countries.

Midea as an environmentally aware brand represents a natural, healthy and environmentally friendly life and attitude, keeping abreast with the current life trend. Relevant Vietnam authorities hope that through the launch of the energy-saving labels, there will be a highlight on green consumption, and arouse the public to change their consumption concept and behaviors, guiding them to buy more energy-saving, environmental-friendly appliances-saving resources and energies and protecting the ecological environment leads to a positive social, economic and environmental change.

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