Lean Six-Sigma National Convention – Pune, Oct’11

Knewron today announced it’s partnership in the National Lean and Six-Sigma Convention being organized by LASSIB (Lean and Six Sigma International Board) at Pune in October 2011.

A one day event being organized at Pune in October 2011 is set to focus on Lean and Six-Sigma awareness in the region and current maturity levels of various implementations in this aspect. The Convention theme will focus on Lean and Six-Sigma adoption in India and it’s way forward, and is being called as Indian Model of Lean and Six-Sigma.

With an objective of increasing Lean and Six-Sigma awareness and fostering Business Excellence initiatives – the National Convention has been organized at Pune where Knewron is partnering with LASSIB at various levels. In this event, attendees would get an opportunity to learn about case studies in Lean and Six-Sigma initiatives by various organizations.

Lean and Six-Sigma methodologies have been here for the past few decades. And many companies have enjoyed a variety of benefits by using these techniques. India as one of the fastest developing countries can achieve much by integrating these techniques and methods in industry as well as in education sector.

For registrations and further details please contact the Knewron office in Pune or the LASSIB office in Hyderabad.

This convention will be held on 15th October 2011 at Pune.

Convention Page: http://www.knewron.co.in/showpage.asp?id=38

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