Jebsen and Jessen (SEA) install solar panels at Singapore crane factory


Solar photovoltaic panels at Singapore crane factory will supply 20 per cent of annual energy consumption

Leading regional industrial enterprise, Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) (JJSEA), has completed an ambitious S$400,000 project to install solar panels on its MHE-Demag facility in Tuas.

The photovoltaic panels were installed in the factory as part of JJSEA’s journey towards carbon neutrality. It took three months to complete the installation, from planning to commissioning. The solar panels are projected to generate 154 MWh of electricity a year, allowing JJSEA to recoup its investment within 10 years.

Installation contractor Phoenix Solar designed and installed the system. Their Managing Director, Christophe Inglin said “among our industrial clients, this project provides the largest contribution to a company’s energy consumption. The 522 REC Peak Energy series solar PV modules will supply 20 per cent of the factory’s energy needs and mitigate 77 metric tonnes per year of CO2 from Singapore’s gas-fired power stations. The 20-year old factory is also the oldest facility that Phoenix Solar has installed solar panels on.”

The crane factory is one of the core manufacturing centres for MHE-Demag, a Regional Business Unit (RBU) of JJSEA. Two staff from MHE-Demag Singapore managed the project as a talent stretch assignment.

Chairman of the Group, Mr Heinrich Jessen, explained, “With both domestic and industrial energy consumption reliant on fossil fuels, it seems only right to make a difference where you can. I often refer to a famous quote by Edmund Burke ‘Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little”.

“We hope that our project, along with other initiatives happening in Singapore, encourages our colleagues in all sectors to develop their own journey towards carbon neutrality. A trickle can become a stream and then a trend.”

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