SGS provides IRCA approved training on the ISO 14001:2015 revision

ISO 14001, the world’s leading environmental management standard, is under revision.An updated version is due by the end of 2015.

To support your organization’s transition from ISO 14001:2004 to the new version, SGS has a suite of training and audit solutions.

ISO/DIS 14001, the first formal draft of ISO 14001:2015, describes the potential requirements of the final version of ISO 14001:2015 that is expected to be introduced in Q3 2015. It includes an increasingly strategic approach to environmental management.

In addition, the updated standard will follow the Annex SL framework, a new, higher level structure that will make it easier to use in conjunction with other management system standards.

Understand the new requirements

ISO has identified the following emerging changes as a result of the revision:

  1. Strategic Environmental Management
  2. Leadership
  3. Protecting the environment
  4. Environmental performance
  5. Lifecycle thinking
  6. Communication
  7. Documentation

SGS provides a webinar introducing the new ISO/DIS 14001:2015 to help our prospects and clients understand the requirements of ISO/ DIS 14001.

Assessment against the requirements

To make your transition smooth and transparent, SGS’s experts can carry out a needs assessment against the requirements of ISO/DIS 14001. This exercise will provide your organization with structured assistance to highlight the extent to which existing systems and controls cover the requirements of ISO/DIS 14001, or to identify an implementation action plan, where needed.

IRCA approved training

SGS’s introduction training courses help your organization understand the requirements of ISO/ DIS 14001. We are the first professional learning and development organization to offer these one-day courses as IRCA Approved CPD.

About ISO Standard Reviews

All ISO standards are reviewed every five years to establish if a revision is required to keep it current and relevant for the marketplace. ISO 14001 is currently at the Draft International Stage (DIS), the fourth stage of a six stage process, whereby any interested parties can submit feedback to the experts on the technical committee that is revising the standard. Learn more:

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