In 2017 it’s time for the tourism and travel industry to walk the talk

The CEO and Founder of EarthCheck Stewart Moore stated today that EarthCheck is proud to be a foundation partner of the Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard initiative. This project which is supported by leading research institutions such as Griffith and Surrey Universities together with Amadeus and WTTC provides a much needed reporting resource to monitor and inform our collective progress towards sustainable tourism development.

“This year at EarthCheck we celebrate 30 years of supporting tourism and travel companies and destinations across the world to scientifically measure, monitor and manage their social, economic and environmental footprints.” said Moore.

Following the success of COP 21 and the Paris Agreement the measurement, reporting and disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions will become more mainstream across the tourism distribution and supply chain. The Dashboard identifies key indicators and provides an important tool to remind us that all of the indicators need to be measured and tracked in a consistent and transparent manner so that areas for improvement can be identified and achievements celebrated.

Significantly, regular updating of the Dashboard project will continue to play a leading role in demonstrating in a more robust and defensible fashion how the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 Sustainable Development goals can be achieved more effectively.

Professor David Simmons, Chair of the EarthCheck Research Institute noted, “It is now widely recognised that the key to all sustainability claims, including CSR reports and evidence based targets is having accurate and transparent performance based data. The days of using a spreadsheet of inconsistent and unverified data, however well intended, to support industry claims of responsible business practices have gone.”

EarthCheck, through the not-for-profit EarthCheck Research Institute, now has the world’s deepest data set of evidence based performance metrics on hotels and tourism infrastructure across the globe. 2017 will be a year of digital and social disruption where data will become king not only in helping to streamline operational efficiency and enhance visitor experiences but in creating and driving new green business models.

The data that EarthCheck has provided to the Dashboard is based on metrics that have been consistently collected over a 17 year period to a common methodology and third party audits. EarthCheck is willing to openly share our data with thought leaders such as Griffith and Surrey University and is delighted to continue to support and contribute to the Dashboard.

Visit the Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard here

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