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Hemp foods legal in Australia

Hemp Foods Legal In Australia-

It is not a joke

Seriously, when you look at this image, what do you see?

Is it a joke that in Australia and New Zealand a seed that has been proven to be healthy for the Australian public by FSANZ and recommended to the Australian Government to allow, is still illegal in the year 2012?

In Europe and North America one can walk into virtually any supermarket and find, you guessed it – hemp seeds. Why? Is it because people are trying to make a dollar pretending hemps seeds are a drug like some of our Australian Ministers would like you to believe, or are they really trying to promote a seed that contains:

  • Protein – 33%. More easily digestible than soy or whey. Containing all 10 Essential Amino Acids.
  • Omega 3, 6 and 9 Essential Fatty Acids. In proportions that are ideal for human consumption and far more balanced than Flax Seed or Fish Oils?
  • GLA – not found in many plant sources, except evening primrose oil.

Hemp seeds are VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, RAW and 100% plant based. And more to the point – they TASTE GREAT.

So why are hemp seeds, hemp oil and hemp protein not yet legal in Australia? Representative Cynthia Thielen, a more enlightened Government member describes her take on allowing hemp and it giving a mixed message here: and also goes so far as to report on what some say is controversial, and more now say is fact: maybe there is a conflict of interest somewhere else? See Cynthia’s take on that here:

FSANZ is currently completing it’s final report to the Ministerial COAG committee who are expected to vote to allow, or not allow hemp seed and it’s by products as food here in Australia this December.

Until that time, if you got the munchies then chemical filled junk food with trans fats and preservatives are far more accessible than a pure, natural, plant based superfood as hemp. Unless you move overseas to a truly GREEN country.

Hemp seeds, hemp oil and hemp protein are currently allowed for sale in Australia for Non-Human consumption. Most customers either rub it on their skin, feed their pets or soil. Or take it overseas and consume it freely.

More on legislation and other hemp food matters at

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